Tom Clancy – Action and Adventure

A certified wealth strategist in Dallas, Texas, Richard Pascuzzi leads the financial firm he co-founded, PSE Wealth Management. Richard Pascuzzi advises affluent clients, using a full-service approach that includes debt planning, tax matters, and preparing estates, as well as investments.
Pascuzzi enjoys reading fiction in his free time; one of his favorite writers is the prolific novelist Tom Clancy (1947-2013), who won popular and critical acclaim, selling 100 million copies. Clancy’s style blended action sequences with extensive insights into global conflicts.
Clancy wrote his first book, The Hunt for Red October, while working as an insurance agent. Sales rose sharply when President Reagan endorsed it as a “good yarn.” The novel introduced Jack Ryan, who appeared in several subsequent novels over the next 30 years, including Patriot Games, A Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, and Without Remorse. The Ryan character rose through the ranks of the CIA and eventually became president.
He returned to Jack Ryan’s character with Debt of Honor (1994), Executive Orders (1996), The Bear and the Dragon (2000), and Red Rabbit (2002). After a hiatus from writing about Ryan, Clancy continued with Locked On (2011), Threat Vector (2012), and Command Authority (2013). Clancy added members of Ryan’s family in The Teeth of the Tiger (2006). These characters shared the stage with Ryan Sr. in Full Force and Effect (2014).
After 1995, Clancy co-created two fiction series, Op-Center (12 books) and Net Force (10 books). Outside these series, Clancy co-author Mark Greaney penned Support and Defend (2014).
Clancy also wrote military-oriented nonfiction, beginning in 1993 with Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship, and SSN: Strategies for Submarine Warfare (1996). He wrote several other works about branches of the armed forces.