Pagosa Springs: A Window into an Authentic Winter Wonderland

A long-time resident of Texas, Richard Pascuzzi graduated with distinction from Texas Christian University in 1978 and pursued a career in investment management, culminating in his current role as a certified wealth strategist and cofounder of PSE Wealth Management. In his free time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys traveling with his wife to Colorado locales, including Pagosa Springs, for skiing, hiking, and biking.

Located at the foot of the San Juan Mountains, Pagosa Springs is internationally known for its natural hot springs and striking Colorado wilderness. Adopting its name from the Southwestern Ute words “pah gosah,” which translate into “healing waters,” the town is firmly nestled within 3 million acres of protected forest, offering a truly idyllic natural landscape. Throughout December every year, the town turns into an authentic winter wonderland, connecting visitors with the best that the town has to offer through a full calendar of events ranging from winter sports and family contests to live entertainment and food competitions.


Scenic Attractions in Pagosa Springs

A Certified Wealth Strategist, Richard Pascuzzi assists clients with a number of financial matters including insurance, estate planning, investment planning, and debt. He draws on more than 20 years in the financial services industry as co-founder of PSE Wealth Management, leading a team responsible for over $175 million in client assets. In his free time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys travelling to scenic mountain locations such as Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Bordered by the San Juan National Forest, Pagosa Springs offers a gateway to more than 3 million acres of wilderness, making it ideal for a number of outdoor activities. The San Juan Mountains and National Forest include several RV parks, campgrounds, trails, and a hut system. Hikers can also sign up for backpacking excursions led by an experienced guide. Additionally, the area offers numerous opportunities for skiing, fishing, hunting, or simply admiring nature on a scenic drive.

Named for the Southern Ute word “Pagosah,” or “healing waters,” Pagosa Springs also offers several resort spas where both residents and visitors can unwind. Located along the San Juan River, The Springs Resort and Spa is a 79-room hotel featuring 23 mineral pools, each with different temperatures, sizes, and views. The resort’s iconic “mother spring” was deemed the deepest hot spring in the world by Guinness World Records in 2011. Because the plumb line extended 1,002 feet before running out, the hot spring’s full depth is still unknown.