A Brief Overview of the CWS Designation

Richard Pascuzzi cofounded the Dallas, Texas, holistic wealth manager PSE Wealth Management in 2010. Richard Pascuzzi, a Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS), concurrently serves as a principal at Prospera Financial Services, also located in Dallas.

Wealth investment professionals can enjoy a variety of benefits by obtaining a designation such as CWS or Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA). High net worth clients have more needs and options than ever before and frequently desire a multipronged approach to wealth management and risk mitigation. Organizations, such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), offer classes in wealth strategy and wealth advising that allow professionals to accumulate the knowledge they need to meet the needs of modern clients.

The CWS designation is issued by the Cannon Financial Institute. An individual must possess a minimum of three years’ experience in the financial services industry and have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university. More specifically, the CWS designation stipulates that financial services experience must include a significant amount of face-to-face interactions with clients.

Financial professional who qualify for the designation must engage in two training sessions and a capstone project in addition to self-directed research into a variety of financial topics. Finally, a person must pass all 10 mastery examinations, one for each of the course’s study modules. To maintain the CWS designation, professionals must complete 33 hours of continuing education every 24 months.


Centers of Church Based Training – The Elder Retreat

Dallas business professional Richard Pascuzzi cofounded PSE Wealth Management, which provides a holistic approach to investing. Along with PSE Wealth Management, he also works with Prospera Financial Services in Dallas. Richard Pascuzzi also served on the board of the Center for Church Renewal led by Dr. Gene Getz, the president of the Centers of Church Based Training.

The Centers of Church Based Training (CCBT) offers a variety of online educational and formational opportunities, such as The Elder Retreat. Designed for church leaders, this retreat follows the Six-Step Wisdom Process to help transition a governing board into a strong group of spiritual leaders.

Governing boards need to take time to study the Scriptures and develop themselves spiritually in order to serve as spiritual guides for their communities. The CCBT provides such an opportunity through the Elder Retreat. Some have described this retreat as a “turning point” for their church.

For more information about the CCBT and the Elder Retreat, visit http://www.ccbt.org or email retreatinfo@ccbt.org with your name, church’s name, and phone number. Alternatively, call 888-422-2896.

Patience as a Strategy During Volatile Markets

Richard Pascuzzi is an accomplished financial industry executive and the cofounder of PSE Wealth Management. He provides clients with holistic investment and estate planning services and asset management. Richard Pascuzzi and his team emphasize the importance of patience as an investment strategy, particularly given the market volatility that greeted the beginning of 2015.
*Though many domestic economic fundamentals are strong going into the spring, weak oil prices, a resurgent dollar, and stagnant overseas growth could cloud the picture. As Q1 earnings trickle in, positive surprises could translate into additional market upside. However, earnings estimates have come down in recent weeks and corporate profits may be affected by rising wages and slower growth.

Since we can’t know where markets are going with any certainty, we recommend staying focused on your long-term goals and keeping short-term performance in perspective. We are continuously monitoring markets and are prepared to make changes as conditions warrant. Articles on this and other financial topics can be found on the PSE Wealth Management website, http://www.psewealth.com.

*This information was taken from The PSE Newsletter dated April 6th 2015

Kansas City Chiefs – Jamaal Charles Sets New Rushing Record

A certified wealth strategist based in Dallas, Richard Pascuzzi serves on the board of directors at Prospera Financial Services. In his leisure time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys watching NFL games, especially those of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles broke the franchise’s all-time rushing record in October 2014. He scored a 16-yard touchdown run against the San Diego Chargers to surpass the previous benchmark of 6,070, which now stands at 6,856 and counting. With nine touchdowns on the year, Charles helped Kansas City to achieve a 9-7 regular season record, finishing second to the Denver Broncos (12-4) in the American Football Conference (AFC) West Division.
Since the Chiefs drafted him in the third round of the 2008 NFL draft, he has carried the football 5.5 yards per attempt, which ranks above NFL Hall of Fame rusher Jim Brown for career gain average. Jamaal Charles’ current contract with the team extends through 2017.

Tom Clancy – Action and Adventure

A certified wealth strategist in Dallas, Texas, Richard Pascuzzi leads the financial firm he co-founded, PSE Wealth Management. Richard Pascuzzi advises affluent clients, using a full-service approach that includes debt planning, tax matters, and preparing estates, as well as investments.
Pascuzzi enjoys reading fiction in his free time; one of his favorite writers is the prolific novelist Tom Clancy (1947-2013), who won popular and critical acclaim, selling 100 million copies. Clancy’s style blended action sequences with extensive insights into global conflicts.
Clancy wrote his first book, The Hunt for Red October, while working as an insurance agent. Sales rose sharply when President Reagan endorsed it as a “good yarn.” The novel introduced Jack Ryan, who appeared in several subsequent novels over the next 30 years, including Patriot Games, A Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, and Without Remorse. The Ryan character rose through the ranks of the CIA and eventually became president.
He returned to Jack Ryan’s character with Debt of Honor (1994), Executive Orders (1996), The Bear and the Dragon (2000), and Red Rabbit (2002). After a hiatus from writing about Ryan, Clancy continued with Locked On (2011), Threat Vector (2012), and Command Authority (2013). Clancy added members of Ryan’s family in The Teeth of the Tiger (2006). These characters shared the stage with Ryan Sr. in Full Force and Effect (2014).
After 1995, Clancy co-created two fiction series, Op-Center (12 books) and Net Force (10 books). Outside these series, Clancy co-author Mark Greaney penned Support and Defend (2014).
Clancy also wrote military-oriented nonfiction, beginning in 1993 with Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship, and SSN: Strategies for Submarine Warfare (1996). He wrote several other works about branches of the armed forces.

Dinner at Mangiamo Italian Restaurant

After nearly two decades as a principal at Prospera Financial Services, Richard Pascuzzi became a partner and founder of PSE Wealth Management in 2010. At PSE, he continues to create sound investment strategies for high-net-worth clients while managing their investment portfolios. In his personal life, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys eating Italian food, both home cooked and at restaurants such as Mangiamo.

Located at 12835 Preston Road in Dallas, Texas, Mangiamo Italian Restaurant offers its clients a range of dishes like those found in Italy. The owners make old family recipes such as one might eat at Nonna’s house (Nonna means “grandma” in Italian). They also encourage clients to bring their own wine to enjoy with their meal.

Mangiamo dinner entrees, which include fresh vegetables and homemade garlic rolls, include dishes such as chicken cacciatore and pesto pasta with grilled chicken. Traditional pastas range from spaghetti and meatballs to eggplant parmigiana and tortellini arrabbiata. The restaurant also offers New York style pizza, a diverse selection of salads, and appetizers such as bruschetta and fried calamari.