About the Certified Wealth Strategist Program

A financial professional for more than two decades, Richard Pascuzzi now owns and operates PSE Wealth Management in Dallas, Texas. Richard Pascuzzi stands out as a certified wealth strategist (CWS) and pursues continuing coursework to maintain this credential.

Designed to train financial professionals in meeting the specialized needs of high-net-worth individuals, the Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS) program provides specialized industry knowledge as well as client communication techniques. CWS candidates begin by completing an introductory course in sales and practice management. This two-day intensive course includes in-depth study of investment, retirement, business succession, and tax planning as well as estate distribution and asset protection. Students go on to apply this knowledge in a 25-week directed study, during which they complete assigned reading as well as self-analysis projects, case studies, and exams to assess understanding.

Candidates then advance to the CWS Client Interaction Skills course, which covers interviewing and information gathering as well as needs analysis. Students also learn how to analyze the information that a client presents and make portfolio decisions accordingly. The course finishes with a capstone project that demonstrates the candidate’s understanding of the material and delineates a plan of how he or she plans to apply it in professional practice.


Dinner at Mangiamo Italian Restaurant

After nearly two decades as a principal at Prospera Financial Services, Richard Pascuzzi became a partner and founder of PSE Wealth Management in 2010. At PSE, he continues to create sound investment strategies for high-net-worth clients while managing their investment portfolios. In his personal life, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys eating Italian food, both home cooked and at restaurants such as Mangiamo.

Located at 12835 Preston Road in Dallas, Texas, Mangiamo Italian Restaurant offers its clients a range of dishes like those found in Italy. The owners make old family recipes such as one might eat at Nonna’s house (Nonna means “grandma” in Italian). They also encourage clients to bring their own wine to enjoy with their meal.

Mangiamo dinner entrees, which include fresh vegetables and homemade garlic rolls, include dishes such as chicken cacciatore and pesto pasta with grilled chicken. Traditional pastas range from spaghetti and meatballs to eggplant parmigiana and tortellini arrabbiata. The restaurant also offers New York style pizza, a diverse selection of salads, and appetizers such as bruschetta and fried calamari.

2013 Film – The Book Thief

In 2010, Richard Pascuzzi cofounded PSE Wealth Management, where he headed a team of professionals who manage assets of more than $175 million for high-net-worth clients. He also still serves as a principal at Prospera Financial Services. In his leisure time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys watching movies such as The Book Thief.

A film based on the international best-selling book of the same title, The Book Thief presents the story of Liesel (played by Sophie Nélisse), a spirited young girl living in Germany during World War II. After the disappearance of Liesel’s mother, a kind-hearted couple takes the girl in. Their kindness allows Liesel the opportunity to develop such a love for books that it soon becomes a craving and she earns herself a reputation as a book thief.

Narrated by the character Death, the film shows how Liesel’s bright character can overcome the evils of Nazi Germany and remain unchanged by the horrors of the war. Since the Nazis were burning books, Liesel’s stealing them from the library serves as a sort of opposite action. She also shares the stolen books with others, helping to bring people together.

Scenic Attractions in Pagosa Springs

A Certified Wealth Strategist, Richard Pascuzzi assists clients with a number of financial matters including insurance, estate planning, investment planning, and debt. He draws on more than 20 years in the financial services industry as co-founder of PSE Wealth Management, leading a team responsible for over $175 million in client assets. In his free time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys travelling to scenic mountain locations such as Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Bordered by the San Juan National Forest, Pagosa Springs offers a gateway to more than 3 million acres of wilderness, making it ideal for a number of outdoor activities. The San Juan Mountains and National Forest include several RV parks, campgrounds, trails, and a hut system. Hikers can also sign up for backpacking excursions led by an experienced guide. Additionally, the area offers numerous opportunities for skiing, fishing, hunting, or simply admiring nature on a scenic drive.

Named for the Southern Ute word “Pagosah,” or “healing waters,” Pagosa Springs also offers several resort spas where both residents and visitors can unwind. Located along the San Juan River, The Springs Resort and Spa is a 79-room hotel featuring 23 mineral pools, each with different temperatures, sizes, and views. The resort’s iconic “mother spring” was deemed the deepest hot spring in the world by Guinness World Records in 2011. Because the plumb line extended 1,002 feet before running out, the hot spring’s full depth is still unknown.

The Basics of Estate Planning

Richard Pascuzzi is one of the co-founders of PSE Wealth Management. In his position with the company Richard Pascuzzi oversees a team in charge of $175 million in assets and works with clients on topics ranging from debt restructuring to estate planning.

Estate planning can be a controversial topic, particularly among young individuals who feel that a will can be put off until a later date. The unfortunate truth is that the unexpected can occur at any time, and any individual with assets and a family should have their affairs in order. Planning an estate can be boiled down to four basic steps, though a financial advisor should be present during the actual drafting of any document. Estate planning begins with making a list of all current assets. In some cases the estate tax that is to be paid after death may be too much for family members to handle, and so an advisor can assist clients in finding options that will ease this burden.

Once a net worth is established and all assets have been identified, the individual can begin determining where the money and assets will go. Spouses who have not signed a pre-nuptial agreement or otherwise waived their rights are the only people who are guaranteed anything after death. In order to avoid family conflicts down the line, it is helpful to be as specific as possible in parceling out inheritance and physical assets. Charities and other organizations can also be included in a will, and individuals can control when and how payments are distributed. Finally, someone must be placed in charge of the will and testament. A family member can be placed in charge, though it would be preferable for a trusted third party with financial insight to have control.