Centers of Church Based Training – The Elder Retreat

Dallas business professional Richard Pascuzzi cofounded PSE Wealth Management, which provides a holistic approach to investing. Along with PSE Wealth Management, he also works with Prospera Financial Services in Dallas. Richard Pascuzzi also served on the board of the Center for Church Renewal led by Dr. Gene Getz, the president of the Centers of Church Based Training.

The Centers of Church Based Training (CCBT) offers a variety of online educational and formational opportunities, such as The Elder Retreat. Designed for church leaders, this retreat follows the Six-Step Wisdom Process to help transition a governing board into a strong group of spiritual leaders.

Governing boards need to take time to study the Scriptures and develop themselves spiritually in order to serve as spiritual guides for their communities. The CCBT provides such an opportunity through the Elder Retreat. Some have described this retreat as a “turning point” for their church.

For more information about the CCBT and the Elder Retreat, visit or email with your name, church’s name, and phone number. Alternatively, call 888-422-2896.