About the Certified Wealth Strategist Program

A financial professional for more than two decades, Richard Pascuzzi now owns and operates PSE Wealth Management in Dallas, Texas. Richard Pascuzzi stands out as a certified wealth strategist (CWS) and pursues continuing coursework to maintain this credential.

Designed to train financial professionals in meeting the specialized needs of high-net-worth individuals, the Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS) program provides specialized industry knowledge as well as client communication techniques. CWS candidates begin by completing an introductory course in sales and practice management. This two-day intensive course includes in-depth study of investment, retirement, business succession, and tax planning as well as estate distribution and asset protection. Students go on to apply this knowledge in a 25-week directed study, during which they complete assigned reading as well as self-analysis projects, case studies, and exams to assess understanding.

Candidates then advance to the CWS Client Interaction Skills course, which covers interviewing and information gathering as well as needs analysis. Students also learn how to analyze the information that a client presents and make portfolio decisions accordingly. The course finishes with a capstone project that demonstrates the candidate’s understanding of the material and delineates a plan of how he or she plans to apply it in professional practice.


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