Dinner at Mangiamo Italian Restaurant

After nearly two decades as a principal at Prospera Financial Services, Richard Pascuzzi became a partner and founder of PSE Wealth Management in 2010. At PSE, he continues to create sound investment strategies for high-net-worth clients while managing their investment portfolios. In his personal life, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys eating Italian food, both home cooked and at restaurants such as Mangiamo.

Located at 12835 Preston Road in Dallas, Texas, Mangiamo Italian Restaurant offers its clients a range of dishes like those found in Italy. The owners make old family recipes such as one might eat at Nonna’s house (Nonna means “grandma” in Italian). They also encourage clients to bring their own wine to enjoy with their meal.

Mangiamo dinner entrees, which include fresh vegetables and homemade garlic rolls, include dishes such as chicken cacciatore and pesto pasta with grilled chicken. Traditional pastas range from spaghetti and meatballs to eggplant parmigiana and tortellini arrabbiata. The restaurant also offers New York style pizza, a diverse selection of salads, and appetizers such as bruschetta and fried calamari.


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