2013 Film – The Book Thief

In 2010, Richard Pascuzzi cofounded PSE Wealth Management, where he headed a team of professionals who manage assets of more than $175 million for high-net-worth clients. He also still serves as a principal at Prospera Financial Services. In his leisure time, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys watching movies such as The Book Thief.

A film based on the international best-selling book of the same title, The Book Thief presents the story of Liesel (played by Sophie Nélisse), a spirited young girl living in Germany during World War II. After the disappearance of Liesel’s mother, a kind-hearted couple takes the girl in. Their kindness allows Liesel the opportunity to develop such a love for books that it soon becomes a craving and she earns herself a reputation as a book thief.

Narrated by the character Death, the film shows how Liesel’s bright character can overcome the evils of Nazi Germany and remain unchanged by the horrors of the war. Since the Nazis were burning books, Liesel’s stealing them from the library serves as a sort of opposite action. She also shares the stolen books with others, helping to bring people together.


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